Environmental Solutions for Urban Development

At Phoenix Environmental, we believe that land development and environmental protection can proceed hand in hand. We provide expert advice to avert avoidable problems and minimize environmental damage, and we work with government agencies to get approvals for your project. And we provide this promptly, at a very reasonable cost.

“Sometimes, there is no right way to do a wrong thing” (J. E. Ted Burns). It’s better to identify potential show stoppers early in the process. This helps avoid costly delays – or worse yet – finding out too late that your project won’t work.

Phoenix Environmental strives to identify these problems at an early stage – and also to yield responsive solutions in crisis situations. Our track record shows that we have facilitated many urban development projects through to their completion by dealing with all the environmental issues in an up front, timely and cost-effective way.

Phoenix Environmental works as a strong team. In addition to our in-house group of independent professionals, Phoenix interacts with engineers, architects, land surveyors and other consultants to provide tailor-made expertise rivaling that of larger consulting firms. We are proud of our reputation for delivering personalized and responsive service while achieving great results for our clients.