Environmental Impact Assessments

Most urban development projects require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as pressures for urban development continue to grow while available land becomes increasingly scarce and more environmentally significant. Phoenix Environmental works hard to balance urban development demands with environmental sustainability needs. We are committed to demonstrating that developments integrating protection of fish and wildlife habitat, pollution prevention and environmental restoration are more successful in the long term.

Many local governments have established Environmental Development Permits Areas to ensure environmental values such as fish and wildlife habitats and large forested areas are identified, assessed for protection needs and how proposed changes with development proposals can be effectively mitigated. The Environmental Development Permit requirements typically use Environmental Impact Assessments to inform local government decision-making regarding proposed developments. As well, local government community planning initiatives, such as local area or neighbourhood plans, utilize Environmental Assessments to provide a baseline for preparing community plans.

An EIA generally provides a thorough evaluation of environmental effects that are likely to result from a land development project, from subdivisions to marinas. An Environmental Impact Assessment is required to include the following:

  • A description of the project and details of its development
  • An inventory of the physical and biological environment (e.g., soils, water, plants, fish, birds)
  • Prediction of environmental impacts
  • Means to mitigate or offset impacts, and to enhance the environment where possible

Environmental Impact Assessments are meant to address environmental issues in a practical way – to identify problems that can be avoided, and to address those that are unavoidable. Done properly, there are very few projects that can’t proceed – given these issues are dealt with at an early stage – and there is room for creativity and flexibility in a project’s design. Contact Phoenix for more information or if your municipality is not listed above.

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